Adventures utilizes Procare, a digital daily report and portfolio option. Our teachers are able to digitally record events and activities throughout the day.  This information is available to parents through an app called Procare and is emailed to parents at the end of the day.  Parents also have the ability to message directly with their child's teachers during the day if necessary.  


Adventures Child Care and Learning Center believes that children gain the greatest benefit from early years education and care when parents and our teachers work together in partnership. 
Our aim is to support parents as their child's first and most important educators by involving them in their child's education and daily care. We strive to ensure that all families, regardless of family structure; socioeconomic, racial, religious and cultural background; gender; abilities; or preferred language are included in all aspects of the program, including volunteer opportunities.  These opportunities consider each family's interests, and skills and the needs of program staff.
Weekly newsletters are emailed out to families along with lesson plans and teacher notes in addition to being accessible via our website.  This is an opportunity for families to find out about upcoming events, parent involvement opportunities and any additional resources that may aid families.  Hardcopies can be made available upon request by those without internet access.
Adventures does have an open door policy and parents are welcome to stop in anytime to visit, observe or talk with teachers or administrators.  Parents can feel free to call or email anytime as well.  They are always encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher at drop off and pick up time as well. 
We encourage family involvement with weekly lessons, field trips, special celebrations, sharing cultural diversity, parent/teacher advisory board, yearly program evaluations and with curriculum planning.
We hold multiple family events throughout the year.  These are great opportunities for parents and teachers to engage with one another and partner on their child’s education.  

We involve parents in the shared record keeping of their child – either formally or informally – and ensure parents have access to their child’s written developmental records. We exchange knowledge with parents about their child’s interests and progress.  The directors and teachers are available to discuss concerns and progress with parents at a suitable time, if the parent wishes. In addition, each parent is invited to discuss their child’s progress at a formal parent meeting which is arranged twice a year for all parents who wish to sign up. 
We provide opportunities for families to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities at Adventures.  We invite families to come to Adventures to share special occasions or festivals that are celebrated in their culture with the children.  

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